I want to be treated like a woman and fucked

2022.01.17 15:39 tambo2002 I want to be treated like a woman and fucked

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2022.01.17 15:39 FunDragonfruit8265 Speakers

I’m looking for speakers for my Dodge Ram 1500 1998 but I can’t find any that fit anyone mind helping me out?
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2022.01.17 15:39 pyrostan_552 Insanity

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2022.01.17 15:39 ryankrueger720 [Bundle] Audio-Technica AT2005USB Microphone and ATH-M20X Headphones - $50 (FocusCamera)

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2022.01.17 15:39 pandastitch18 it's never my fault

What do you do when it's never you're significant others fault? My husband broke the garage door so now our chickens can go in there and poop on everything but it's my fault because we don't have a run on our coop. My husband doesn't put his tools away then when he can't find them it's our son's fault because he must've played with them. He gets so mad about things but refuses to take any of the blame and idk what to do about it
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2022.01.17 15:39 Aromatic_Darkness Figured everyone could relate to this song.

And I'm so sorry that we can.
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2022.01.17 15:39 happy_frog_in_hell the owner is a true god.

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2022.01.17 15:39 Mr_Adrift [SuperHero] Savvy Geeks | Episode 19 - Peace At All Costs

Apple // Spotify // Amazon // Deezer
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2022.01.17 15:39 jbird18005 4yo M Cocker Spaniel pees after baths?

Alright, this is the 2nd time my dog has lifted his leg on our wall after a bath. He was running around, drying off, and then decided to just pee. What gives? He’s been potty trained for 4 years.
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2022.01.17 15:39 quotesweed Thodakkam Maangalyam Song Lyrics in Tamil

தொடக்கம் பாடல் வரிகள் மல்லிகையில் ஒரு மாலை தங்க ஜாிகையில் ஒரு சேலை ஆ….. மல்லிகையில் ஒரு மாலை தங்க ஜாிகையில் ஒரு சேலை பூவொன்றை பூட்டி வைக்கத்தான் ஓ கல்யாணம் கண்டுபிடித்தான்
தொடக்கம் மாங்கல்யம் தந்துனானேனா பின்பு ஜீவிதம் துந்தனானேனா தொடக்கம் மாங்கல்யம் தந்துனானேனா பின்பு ஜீவிதம்
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2022.01.17 15:39 SampleSwimming8576 That settles that (repost)

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2022.01.17 15:39 No_Beginning_6989 🔥 Melodity – $MELD | ICO Live on Melodity.org | Major Partnerships with Influencers and | Music Artists | Web3 Ecosystem | Fully Doxxed & KYC'd Team | 📱 L2e, P2e, Nfts & Metaverse Incoming | 💎 Amazing Gem | Contract Audited | Stacking | Dao | Bsc Token | Cmc & Cg

🎵 You want something new and refreshing? Melodity will become the greatest Music token on the Blockchain!

💎 MELODITY token (ticker $MELD) is a DeFi token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the store of value for the environment.

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💎 ICO is started and 1st tier almost completed within 1 day!

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Launchpad Phase 1/5 is Live!

📄 Details
- Price: 1 BNB per 6000 MELD
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- No minimum purchase
🔥 Ecosystem
👉 DoDuet - Listen-to-earn platform
With a listen-to-earn model, it will create an innovative experience like no other. DoDuet is a user-friendly contest platform that gamifies Music and provides visibility and an easy-access prize pool for artists. The platform will also reward listeners participating in the contest by listening to tracks and voting.
👉 DoMeta - The Music Oriented Metaverse
DoMeta is an almost completely music oriented metaverse, where users can enjoy their time playing and interacting with each other or participate in live events by combining Music, DeFi, blockchain, NFTs — as well as a play-to-earn model — into one unique package.
👉 DoMart - Music NFTs Marketplace
DoMart, the NFTs marketplace platform, will provide not only NFTs distribution, but also a full bunch of possibilities for selling, buying, licensing and managing composite NFTs.

🧑‍ Marketing Plans
- Social media marketing
- YouTube influencers promotions
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- AMA sessions
- Premium Channel Promotions
- Music Industry Partners
- Loyalty programs

- Bridge 25%
- Company 25%
- Presale 20%
- Melodity DAO 10%
- Internal Prize 5%
- Stocking 5%
- Donations 2.5%
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- ICO 3.5%
- IDOs, IEOs 2%

🔗 Social Links:
🌐 Website: https://www.melodity.org
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🌐Medium: https://melodityofficial.medium.com/
🌟 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodityofficial/
📱 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/Melodity/
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2022.01.17 15:39 19061988 Way too quiet dialogues? Or is it only me?

Sorry for asking, but apparently naming three different things "an Apple TV" makes googling TV+ related issues exceptionally hard :D
Anyway I've been trying to watch Ted Lasso on my Mac Mini (up-to-date Monterey) and for some reason the dialogues sound like they weren't properly mixed. They are WAY too quiet compared to all the other sounds. I know a lot of people have the same issue connected with Apple TV (see: https://www.reddit.com/appletv/comments/q71gzs/help_is_anyone_experiencing_audio_mixing_issues/ ), but I'm not using Apple TV, I'm just running the TV app to run Apple TV+ (d'oh :D) on MacOS.
I remember I had similar problems with Servant a year ago but just got used to it back then. But it's annoying as hell. Is it fixable in any way?
Looking at Ted Lassos trailer on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u7EIiohs6U I can say the dialogues from the very first scene in the trailer are way louder than in my TV app. Could you guys please take a look at S01E01 and tell me is it the same for you?
Also I can't help but notice the robotic modulation of young British football fans voice in 0:03, I know it was most likely natural, but it sounds a bit odd, like Apple is not really paying that much attention to audio? Anyway I've also watched See & The Morning Show, and I think dialogues there aren't as silent as in Ted Lasso or Servant, but I think there were less loud moments so maybe I just did not notice it and had my speakers blasting all the time?
From my point of view, some Apple TV+ shows were recorded with headphones in mind, the muffled/always whispered/quiet dialogues sound really good on my Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. Unfortunately they don't sound good on any kind of speakers including the ones in my Mac Mini. Tested the audio on a pair of bluetooth Edifier speakers and they're also way too loud. I've even tried to watch Ted Lasso on iPad Pro 2021 and it's also terrible there, when I press the volume up button two times (starting from muted) I can hear all sounds loud and clear but dialogues are loud enough after 5 or 6 presses. So basically when someone sleeps next to me and I don't have headphones I can't watch anything on TV+. On Netflix I just press the volume up 3 times and I can hear everything.
What's going on in here, and is there any fix for it? I have no strange audio-related apps on any of my devices.
Tested on iPhone 13 Mini also:
- Ted Lasso requires 5-6 volume up presses to hear dialogues, 2-3 for background audio, music etc.,
- The Office @ Netflix requires 2 volume ups for everything again.
What the heck is going on in here? :(((
Thanks for any hints. I know Hollywood loves mumble acting, but I've never seen it so bad. Maybe my TV app or TV+ is broken somehow?
Right now I have to change volume between every scene.
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2022.01.17 15:39 davethedog007 Taylor Bryant

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2022.01.17 15:39 BlinkandWeeb How do you guys go about checking examiners reports, do you even check them?

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2022.01.17 15:39 Sr_Vicho Quiero estudiar algo relacionado al deporte, pero no sé que

Hola, estoy buscando opciones a estudiar que tengan que ver con el deporte y la preparación física ya que es mi pasión y me gustaría convertirla en mi trabajo, pero no sé aún qué es lo que las me conviene ¿Preparador físico? ¿Ciencias del deporte? ¿Pedagogía en Ed física? Soy de Santiago por lo que además me ayudaría mucho si especificarán alguna U o instituto con su sede aquí en Santiago, de vdd me sería de muchísima ayuda (Todo esto se que es info que puedo buscar por lo cuenta en internet pero obviamente no hay como la experiencia misma y si hay algunos por aquí que puedan dar su punto de vista sería genial)
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2022.01.17 15:39 stankmanly Adult model with 'two vaginas' uses one for work and one for personal

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2022.01.17 15:39 torokunai Don't Be An Idiot Like Me

So I bought an electric mower and trimmer last month not knowing about the state rebates available via this program:
So I tossed the receipt for the trimmer (costing me $50) and also put out the old junk mower on bulk trash pickup day several weeks before (costing me $100).
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2022.01.17 15:39 No_kray )))

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2022.01.17 15:39 brtcu YouTube Premium'u Bedava Kullanabileceğiniz Uygulama: Youtube Vanced (APK)

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2022.01.17 15:39 Vorph36 Crypto.com Suspends Withdrawals Following 'Unauthorized Activity'

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2022.01.17 15:39 No-Introduction7386 smh deaaron fox

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2022.01.17 15:39 Fusuyuz Just anyone else feel that

Kaido’s devil fruit is really boring?
For me it’s much more enjoyable when he’s going all out in his base form and using his dragon form as a last resort
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2022.01.17 15:39 Cthulwho3 Hexcrawl

Did Mr. Colville ever make a video about hexcrawling? Just re-watched the railroad vs sandbox vis-a-vis Tolkien video the other night and at the end I believe he mentions doing a “how to hexcrawl” in the upcoming videos. Is it in something that’s titled somewhat differently? Looking for some hexcrawl help and who better than Master Colville?
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2022.01.17 15:39 genericusername_____ Which pen out of the frixion pens come out the last blotchy in scans?

I have the pen that came with the book, frixion 0.7mm and it's kinda blotchy. Is there a better one?
Or is it the way I'm writing maybe?
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