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$5 referrals

2022.01.17 16:08 Cecygee $5 referrals

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2022.01.17 16:08 smoledman Being an introvert in an extrovert culture.

America is basically super extroverted compared to most cultures out there. In tech companies I noticed managers tend to be super-extroverts, always gregarious, chipper and as an INTJ I always find it mentally draining to have to match their 'mood'. I know to grow my career I have to pretend to be more extroverted, but it'll never natural and I find most of it phoney. Especially when they ask how was your weekend, etc... Nobody wants to look like their the weird loner.
Anyone else have to go through this daily ritual with management?
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2022.01.17 16:08 Sukeruton_Key Ripstard Nipston

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2022.01.17 16:08 Greencars44 Premiums restocked!

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2022.01.17 16:08 G_ben_flowes Unknown bird in backyard - Eastern TN

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2022.01.17 16:08 CODE1LT Beautifull Bitcoin core node monitor with Grafana

My other Bitcoin core node and Python project. Node -> Python exporter -> Prometheus -> Grafana. On macOS, looks better than Umbrel. Results below. Any interest? PM me.
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2022.01.17 16:08 ASICmachine Any developers looking to collaborate on a p2e cross platform crypto application? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.17 16:08 smellycobofcorn 3rd time's the charm?

Does anyone in here believe that 3rd time's the charm? It could be any situation/scenario. Any success or failed stories to share?
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2022.01.17 16:08 ben-10fan-424 [novels] What most people dont get about Re Zero.....

...is Emilia and Subarus relationship.
I will adress and debunk main complaints about it here.
Sorry if its long.
1st.Subaru is opssesed with Emilia from start(arc 1). Which generally isnt true he at best go crush on her(for good reason since he generally gave up on life again + found him self being beaten up by thugs,thought that whould be the end and she saved him becuse she wanted to,not becuse she wanted anything in return ..and maybe little bit becuse she was beautyfull but you get the point clear).
He only got opssessed with her near start of arc 3.
Anime general didnt potray his summoning as well as WN/LNs did so it came of as like that it seems but in truth it isnt.
2nd.Emilia likes Subaru as friend at best and will never love him. Which generally isnt true.
As arcs 3-4-5-6-(SS of 7) show she builds up more and more feelings for him even tho its not 1 to 1 "love" yet.
We are yet to see Emilia truly get her feelings and say she loves Subaru but its not like he is just her friend(he is very special person to her...).
3rd.Emilia takes too much time to answer Subarus feelings. Which again isnt fully right.
Emilia spend 7 years(after she was unfrozen)in Elior forest thinking nobody besides Puck loved her and only after arc 4 fully knew Subaru loved her(true in arc 3 she got to know he loved her as well but...it wasnt fully as true as it was in arc 4).
And after that she generally builds up even more feelings for Subaru to arcs 5-6-(early 7) and true she takes time with her feelings but its actually hard to get your feelings when(you where never taught what that kind of love is by her bad parent Puck + world always hated her true she got over that fact but still it must be hard).
And lets not forget Subaru cant speed things up becuse he wants Emilia to get her own feelings on her own.
4th.Subaru loveing Emilia doesnt make sense. Which is at best a bad joke.
Arc 1:
-She saved him(which meant aloot to him mentally as I explained above in my 1st point),then he saved her(becuse he felt guilty and wanted to pay her back)and his love for Emilia was there only normal crush at best.
Arc 2:
-he just wanted to date her..then got killed aloot of times for well reasons he didnt know(even if one of loops it was partly his fault).After that she helped him and healed him at expense of her own life(her Ods mana which is basecly her life count got little lower becuse of her healing his wonds from Wolgarms).Saved him again by directing Roswaal to help them.In last loop...her makeing him get all of his feelings out even tho he cant actually talk about it do to RBDs taboo....its first instance where he really feel in love with her(since he thought she can get him every time and was kind and trusting of him in every bad loop he had so far).This later will develop into kind of toxic love we see in arc 3.
Arc 3:
-he is acting like white knight for her(which is wrong)but he has good reason for getting this mindset.After he broke every promise they made until going to Royal castel there verbal fight begun(which did break there relationship for sometime).After many loops of trying to show he can save Emilia on his own(with Rem)and fails he thinks he is unwanted and wants to run away.After Rem helps him get his true feelings back(and help him finally see people as people,not just NPCs which he did belive they where in arc 1-2-early 3 becuse he thought this is all game and not real world).He finally started to love Emilia as real person and at the end is fine for what ever time Emilia gives him answer on her feelings becuse he lets her make up her mind on her own.Emilia starts to build up more feelings for Subaru(even if we later see she finally belived that he loves her in arc 4).
Arc 4:
-he starts arc freshly wanting to help Emilia by doing trials in her place(which is actually bad becuse Emilia doesnt develop on her own from her past).Generaly doesnt see problem how trials impact Emilia becuse of him start to get(desecetaised from loops).After countless trying and failing(after many loops trysing to save both Sanctuary and manshion),Satella and witches show him he can and should love him self and finally sees he should lean on other again(even if that made him lose people like Rem in arc 3)and how truly to love Emilia(for what person she really is).After he confornts Emilia about her past and shows her that he truly does love her(with his words and that little kiss).Makes her confident to beat her trials on her own.They work together to save Sancutary and manshion with the end haveing them bond even more about there promises and leaning on each other when they are in problems.Emilia/Subaru start to build up more feelings for each other in general from here on out.
Arc 5
-he gets a year break and bonds with more residence of new Roswaal manshion.After some trouble in "Pristellas watch tower" he finally gives up(on trying to shield Emilia from the fight)and is fine with Emilia helping him and Beatrices fight Sirius(even tho they lose).Emilia shows Regulus what she thinks about love and even tho she doesnt know what for her self love truly feels like she knows to who she will show her feelings to(when she finally gets what love for her is).Subaru later with help of everyone and Rainhard gets to help and save Emilia(who belived Subaru will come to save her)with anoder big step in there relationship being there trust getting stronger(with Emilia being fine in what ever way Subaru is able to save her even tho she doesnt know that).Emilia/Subaru build up even more feelings towards each other after this and even more later on.
Arc 6
-here there relationship more so builds up even more in trust.With Emilia being beliveing into Subaru even tho he doesnt remeber anything and her mostly wanting Subaru to remeber her(which later is payed off when he does and her reaction really shows how she worried aloot for him).After the make plan to beat the Tower there relationship grows more and Emilia/Subaru build up more feelings for each other.
I dont want to count arc 7 here fully becuse it isnt over yet(but it does show Emilia builds up more feelings for Subaru by them being seperated and Subaru really wanting to be back with his loved ones like Emilia as fast as possible).
5th.Emilia will never answer Subarus feelings.
Which generaly isnt true as I more so explained in other points(as she does build up feelings for him from arcs 3-4-5-6)and she generaly even more now builds up feelings for him in arc 7(becuse of them being seperated and her wanting to be first to see Subaru even tho she doesnt know fully why yet).
6th.Emilia trusts Subaru way too much. Which I dont see as problem at all.
That trust makes sense it started up from arc 4 to 5-6 and it just shows how strong there relationship is that they trust each other so much.
Even in arc 6 it makes sense(with other arcs building up there trust to that point mainly arc 5).
I think this explaines everything pretty much.
Edit:Sorry for bad english...
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2022.01.17 16:08 phatnutzzz Marfione & Mokuti Monday

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2022.01.17 16:08 acp_pradyuuman Lost with Quad KKKK in tournament

Why it happens to me?
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2022.01.17 16:08 PreschoolBoole Question about buying a small part of existing farmland

I live in Iowa and want to buy a small 5 acre plot so that I can raise livestock, place a small living structure, and just generally homestead. I’ve noticed that there are these 4-5 acre lots that are carved out of farmland. The owners of the small lots are not the same owners of the land surrounding them. I would like to buy one of these, but they’re rarely for sale.
I’ve noticed there is some farmland with — what looks to be — hard to get to fields that have road frontage. Some of these fields are 5ish acres.
Does anyone have experience parceling off these lots to be sold? Id like to contact the land owners to see if they would be interested in selling. Do you think a land owner would be interested if I paid 2-3x the raw land value?
I appreciate any advice. I don’t know where to post this and I can’t find anything online.
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2022.01.17 16:08 ASICmachine Now I've read Musk's new book. I highly recommend it. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.17 16:08 Armadillo-3722 Any advice on how to deal with hair loss

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2022.01.17 16:08 carlyrae_jimson_weed W̖̎͢h̟̑ͅa̦͒́ţ́͞'s̨̘ͫ a̦̍͜ p̷͙̆i̲ͮ̃e̖̓͟c͖̰̎e̯ͮ̆ o͐̎͝f͇̺̹ â̻̮d̟̹͞v͔ͧͦi̧͖͊c̶ͨ̄ë̷ t̀ͣh̤̞́ȃ̢͈t͕͓̕ yͣ͟͡ó̐ͯu̧̕ w̵̛ͅo̴ͨͅū̹͟l̢͈̎dͤ͗ͬ ḧ̤́͜ï͔̖ǧ̻͟h͎̎̕l̙̊̕y̹͐͘ r̓͑͜e͕̍͠c̲ͤ̇ỏ̷ͭm̶͙͋ḿ͒͢e͎̠ͦǹ͎̑d̹̓̈?

W̖̎͢h̟̑ͅa̦͒́ţ́͞'s̨̘ͫ a̦̍͜ p̷͙̆i̲ͮ̃e̖̓͟c͖̰̎e̯ͮ̆ o͐̎͝f͇̺̹ â̻̮d̟̹͞v͔ͧͦi̧͖͊c̶ͨ̄ë̷ t̀ͣh̤̞́ȃ̢͈t͕͓̕ yͣ͟͡ó̐ͯu̧̕ w̵̛ͅo̴ͨͅū̹͟l̢͈̎dͤ͗ͬ ḧ̤́͜ï͔̖ǧ̻͟h͎̎̕l̙̊̕y̹͐͘ r̓͑͜e͕̍͠c̲ͤ̇ỏ̷ͭm̶͙͋ḿ͒͢e͎̠ͦǹ͎̑d̹̓̈? submitted by carlyrae_jimson_weed to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:08 WittyWiki What are some functional, though unconventional, combination of an Accounting BA and Non-Accounting Masters/PHD?

I am looking at Masters/PHD programs since I want to continue my education, and my family has suggested..... interesting combinations. I am curious about what people in Accounting actually think would work that aren't the obvious answers of law and business degree.
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2022.01.17 16:07 ASICmachine Making Sense Of The Recent Price Movements: Where Are We Headed In 2022? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.17 16:07 newCRYPTOlistings newCRYPTOlisting: Cream now listed on Bybit

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2022.01.17 16:07 -en- @Reuters: Pakistan says trial of Chinese traditional medicine for COVID-19 successful https://t.co/PivoVE1mbR https://t.co/LpdYApVJpd

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2022.01.17 16:07 MatlockLegalAttorney New to D-Style Amps! Tone Quest!

New to D-Style Amps! Tone Quest! Hey all!
(Sorry if the following is cringe, too long, or has been asked a thousand times. Also, anything italicized isn't immediately pertaining to this Tone Quest.)
If you have experience owning amps in the D-style, please let me know what you love about your amp and why you prefer it over other models. I'm looking to buy my first Dumble-inspired amp that works in an apartment, but I'm torn between all these different builders: Fuchs, TKT, Two-Rock, Amplified Nation, Bludotone, etc. etc.
Desired Tonal Qualities: shimmery-round cleans and highs, no shrill ice-pick highs, tight low-end, super fat yet delicious mid-scooped air-pushing power.
My Playing Style: Jazz, Country, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B & Neo-Soul, Disco & Funk. Soy-Boy shit, but it's cool bc it's more like Soy-Man at my age. All jokes aside, Joe Pass to Brent Mason & Dolly Parton to David Bowie to SRV to E.W.F..
THE MENU - Current Amps in Consideration:
  • Amplified Nation's Wonderland OD or Dirty Wonderland OD 100-50 watts
    • If I choose the 50-22, how much effective clean headroom do you lose? Tonally, are they different than their larger watt counter parts?
  • Bludotone Bludo-Drive Ojai 100 watts
  • Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 100-50 watts
As said above, I prefer the Browne Amplification Protein Pedal over the King Tone Duellist - both being Dumble-Style amps in a box and both being my only experience of a D-Style sound. I have a 100watt Bruce Zinky Fender ToneMaster that was a 6L6 circuit but it was insanely loud and broke up incredibly early. When I was younger, my tonal focus/center was rock; heavily driven players such as Clapton, Keith Richards, Muddy Waters, etc.
Currently Owned Amps:
Victoria 45410 (Bassman) - LA Fender `1990s ToneMaster 100 watts - LA
Fender 57 Twin Custom - LA Orange OR50 40th Anniversary - NYC
My Living Situation: Apartment 60% of the year, SAD. T_T
I've never played with an attenuator - something I'm going to buy this week. I'm curious how it'll affect the clean headroom I'm seeking on the desired amps. I'm not concerned with it soaking up power to produce a more driven sound at lower volumes - purely concerned with how it'll affect the clean tones of these desired amps,
With the attenuator, do you still get that push of air that comes from the speakers? All my practicing and recording with this new amp will be done at my "home/apartment" studio, so volume is definitely an issue. When I gig live, I never lug any of my amps around the city.
My neighbors have never once complained and I usually practice/play with my windows open for 4 hours/day. On warm days, the adjacent building neighbors can often be seen gathering via rooftop picnics for a listen. My immediate neighbors have never once knocked, pounded their ceiling, or called the cops... so they don't seem to mind (?). You can always tell if someone new is visiting the block because you can hear them clapping in between playing. The "locals" are unimpressed by this point hah! However, I'm shy, extremely self-conscious, and courteous, so I never play past 9:00pm, in 1 hour increments only, and it's never cranked. If I want heavy distortion, I'll resort to headphones/monitors with Ableton or sadly, the Mustang Micro. Easy listening for neighbors only T_T
Amp porn below :)
I mean... holy crap, just look at this beauty. Is that a brown stain in your pants?
Who's going camping? You going camping? Why you pitching tents down there? IDK why are you looking down there hmMm? o_O???
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2022.01.17 16:07 Canspy7 Awaiting session start in half my raids

Some raids I can play the game normally, but a lot of the time I get stuck on “Awaiting session start” in both scav and PMC. Theres nothing I can do to fix it. I alt +f4, I’ve cleared cache, verified files, even sat and waited on the screen for 20 minutes. The only way I can get in to another raid is if I press “back” after I try reconnecting, but then I lose all of the stuff on my PMC. How can I fix this when it happens or prevent it.
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2022.01.17 16:07 irondeepbicycle 3 RSL academy players included in U-17 YNT Training Camp

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2022.01.17 16:07 LemonLover260 Now get ready for:

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2022.01.17 16:07 ASICmachine Ignorance no excuse: IRS to hunt NFT tax cheats for billions of dollars (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.17 16:07 -en- @Reuters: India's Modi urges collective global effort to deal with cryptocurrencies https://t.co/bewt5AHlVY https://t.co/lSklov6xRn

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