Johnny Joestar & Tusk Act 4 By me :>

2021.10.17 10:26 DrawerRedditor Johnny Joestar & Tusk Act 4 By me :>

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2021.10.17 10:26 Eznyputhe21 rest easy in the knowledge that

itโ€™s all your fault
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2021.10.17 10:26 Incest_lovr My Aunt's nipple pokies ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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2021.10.17 10:26 czerdec Sexless Japanese men: people blame "toxic work culture" but isn't work culture for all men vastly better in Japan since the passing of the Seppuku era?

No, I won't tell you what Seppuku means except to say that if you look it up and are a snowflake, you need a serious Trigger Warning.
But for those of us who know what Seppuku is, the idea that Japanese men's working life is less easy than in the old traditional days when Japanese men were not sexless, is deeply insulting to our intelligence.
My personal guess is if every man in Japan had the working day reduced to 4h per day, sexlessness would remain exactly the same. Because the source of the sexlessness is the outrageously rich society in which they live.
Wealth makes people disinclined to reproduce.
Simple as that.
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2021.10.17 10:26 GerginGorunusluAdam How do i lower their liberty desire?

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2021.10.17 10:26 luka_ruka Mercy? I don't even know what mercy is

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2021.10.17 10:26 FRXtrader Veve - Marvel vs DC, Cold Period Upon Us... Until @veve_official Tweets

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2021.10.17 10:26 heisenbergsblackhat Garcelle is everything I aspire to be.

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2021.10.17 10:26 d33pblu3g3n3 [Nostalgia] para os mais velhinhos - X Bomber

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2021.10.17 10:26 TwinCitiesPride612 Were Bill Tocco and Rosalia Zerilli blood-related?

This never made sense to me. Bill Tocco and Joseph Zerilli are cousins, right? How does that whole thing work? If Bill and Joseph were first cousins, what would Rosalia be?
Can someone explain this to meโ€ฆ
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2021.10.17 10:26 Caratteraccio Castelmezzano, Italy

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2021.10.17 10:26 InsaneFps Is it possible to automatically switch to your main gun after using ultimates?

Oh my god, how many times I've been killed when I use ult on Jett and miss my shot only to be standing in front of enemy with my knife pulled out, like what the f. Or with Omen, tping into site only to have my knife and stare at enemy and watch my death. Like seriously, this is a huge issue that needs to be fixed.
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2021.10.17 10:26 cherrypie_addict Why was my withdrawal reverted.... This is a joke

Why was my withdrawal reverted.... This is a joke I recently submitted my withdrawal with a revolute card and I just received a message stating it was rejected..
This is a joke. Get your shit together.
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2021.10.17 10:26 TechnoT1ger what will happen if i take a lot birth control

iโ€™m supposed to take my birth control pill on a monthly cycle matching the calendar month so my period is the last week on the month. this month my insurance changed to mail only and my dad didnโ€™t refill it on time so i havenโ€™t even gotten it this month. my periods are EXTREME. when the BC hopefully comes in this week, what will happen if I take a whole almost months work in a few weeks? or would suffering through my period be better?
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2021.10.17 10:26 TheRealBorse A simple substitution cipher

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2021.10.17 10:26 DarkSageX Mage Tower Item Level Scaling

I had a question regarding the scaling of ilvl for the mage tower and whether or not I should start gearing my alts. I plan on doing all 7 quests for the spellbook mount. My druid is 249 and I plan on him doing 4 of the quests, my 231 DK doing two of the quests, and my 213 warlock doing the last one.
Do I need to focus on gearing my alts, or would they be fine tackling the mage tower as is? If there is scaling, how would it work?

Many thanks!
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2021.10.17 10:26 Visible_distaste Why didn't sasuke just switch places with isshiki in this scene?

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2021.10.17 10:26 pierrototoro oh no! just not the good timing... i feel happy and sad at the same time

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2021.10.17 10:26 walkerloo Before and after. Nothing special but I like it much more.

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2021.10.17 10:26 sam1i1am Pick pocketing ring

I Attended the Shallou concert at the showbox market tonight. It was an AMAZING show until I realized everything in my backpack had been stolen. Wallet, ID, credit cards and social security card. I reported it to security and they said I was the 6th person that claimed their wallets had been stolen off of them. There is a pick pocketing ring out there. Beware.
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2021.10.17 10:26 mxmemx Discord assign role not working

I keep getting the channel verification level too high, but my account is verified. How do i join this?
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2021.10.17 10:26 Commanderslutwin Ya'll imma cry

So I think I mightve fcked up my game, I'm signed in with my fb account and I've been playing for about three years now, I've accumulated a lot of sht. Today I decided to log in and it kept giving me an error, I tried logging off and on again but it gave me the same error. I tried switching servers and then my dumbass clicked that "fix" button not knowing exactly what that meant??
Anyways I sign in with my fb account and it gives me a tutorial!? At this point I'm freaking out, I do the tutorial because I can't exit it and when I look at my account I've lost EVERYTHING I'm basically a beginner....What did I just do.... Is all my progress really just... Gone??
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2021.10.17 10:26 ebookart TextArt โ€“ Add Text To Photo, Photo Text Editor

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2021.10.17 10:26 fugeelalal me?

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2021.10.17 10:26 basmwklz Antioxidant properties of flavonoid metal complexes and their potential inclusion in the development of novel strategies for the treatment against neurodegenerative diseases (2021)

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